Procession of the Choir

Procession of  Solemn Mass for
Holy House Graduates



Fr. Bruce and Deacon Barnett

Holy House Graduation Mass
May 2007

Procession to Shrine

Vigil Mass With Frs. Noble, Fr. Moore
concelebrating   May 2007

Deacon Barnett

May Crowning

Choir at Easter

High Altar  at Easter

Choir with Fr. Noble


Deacon James Barnett

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P6300030.JPG (1424421 bytes)
Lent 2007

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P6300032.JPG (1797200 bytes)

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P6220006.JPG (1440430 bytes)
Winter views of exterior

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Picture_012.jpg (1696370 bytes)
Altar, Sunday in Ordinary Time

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OLW_5-15-06_054.jpg (984600 bytes)

Picture_006.jpg (1535779 bytes)|
Pulpit, View towards Martyrs Chapel

Picture_008.jpg (1618816 bytes)

Christmas_053.jpg (1500005 bytes)
Christmas 2006

Christmas_059.jpg (1525679 bytes)

Christmas_040.jpg (1644517 bytes)
Midnight Mass 2006

Christmas_037.jpg (1569106 bytes)

Christmas_061.jpg (1478073 bytes)
Christmas Altar

Christmas_069.jpg (1432273 bytes)
Fr. Bruce and Fr. David
after the Christmas Day Mass 2006

Installation_105.jpg (1590745 bytes)
Fr. David celebrating Mass
Gaudete Sunday 2006

Installation_129.jpg (1724208 bytes)
Fr. Bruce preparing for his Installation
Gaudete Sunday 2006

Installation_147.jpg (1582637 bytes)
Procession for December 17
Gaudete Sunday
Fr. Bruce's installation

Installation_151.jpg (1539208 bytes)

Installation_155.jpg (1652255 bytes)

Installation_166.jpg (1551760 bytes)
Office of Installation of Fr. Bruce
with Msgr. Dan Scheel

Installation_175.jpg (1734271 bytes)
Frs. Noble after installation

Installation_177.jpg (1615950 bytes)
Msgr. Scheel greeting parishioners after Mass

Installation_185.jpg (1547495 bytes)
reception for Fr. Bruce in
St. Jude Hall after installation

Altar during Advent

Dec_012.jpg (1598639 bytes)
Fr. Moore and Fr. Bruce 
Concelebrating Mass

Dec_025.jpg (1676654 bytes)
Fr. Bruce -celebrating Mass
Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Dec_057.jpg (1685615 bytes)
Frs. Noble on 
Feast of St. Lucy

Dec_065.jpg (1630853 bytes)

Dec_051.jpg (1654349 bytes)

Sunday_liturgy_043.jpg (1643890 bytes)

Sunday_liturgy_050.jpg (1619639 bytes)

Sunday_liturgy_063.jpg (1635330 bytes)

Sunday_liturgy_072.jpg (1620950 bytes)
Deacon Barnett & Fr. Bruce Noble

Sunday_liturgy_056.jpg (1675693 bytes)
Sunday Liturgy


Sunday_liturgy_069.jpg (1499356 bytes)

Dec_051.jpg (348014 bytes)
Christ the King Procession 2006

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Dec_059.jpg (354838 bytes)

Dec_066.jpg (1464153 bytes)

Dec_070.jpg (1719487 bytes)

Dec_072.jpg (1561110 bytes)

Church-1.jpg (2248047 bytes)

Walsingham-65mm-ext-2.jpg (1019556 bytes)

Church-4.jpg (1001161 bytes)

MomChurchPics_012.jpg (227102 bytes)
Chorus Angelorum

wpe4.jpg (763867 bytes)

MomChurchPics_013.jpg (265683 bytes)
Chorus Angelorum

photos93.jpg (136900 bytes)

photos162.jpg (100538 bytes)

photos112.jpg (101756 bytes)

photos161.jpg (184549 bytes)

photos160.jpg (135253 bytes)

OLW_08-27-05_008.jpg (581057 bytes)

photos158.jpg (156062 bytes)

olw_058.jpg (941505 bytes)

photos159.jpg (182942 bytes)

photos168.jpg (194835 bytes)

photos167.jpg (130775 bytes)
Solemnity of Corpus Christi

Feast_of_Corpus_Christi_009.jpg (579682 bytes)

photos170.jpg (151925 bytes)

photos169.jpg (150093 bytes)

photos171.jpg (124012 bytes)

DSC00381.JPG (506448 bytes)
Altar at Pentecost

olw_052.jpg (967959 bytes)

photos177.jpg (187317 bytes)
Altar at Pentecost

photos133.jpg (619920 bytes)
The Annunciation

photos115.jpg (173468 bytes)

photos94.jpg (88957 bytes)

photos113.jpg (78867 bytes)
Martyrs' Chapel in the Transept

photos114.jpg (161686 bytes)
Rose Window Above the Martyrs' Chapel

photos103.jpg (68827 bytes)
Icon over the Altar in The Martyrs' Chapel

photos107.jpg (80896 bytes)
Holy House Chapel in the Transept

photos108.jpg (146477 bytes)
Window of Our Lady of Walsingham
above the Holy House Chapel

lphotos105.jpg (98147 bytes)
Holy House Chapel entrance from Nave

photos138.jpg (247271 bytes)
Pulpit and Martyrs' Chapel

photos145.jpg (278000 bytes)

photos136.jpg (179559 bytes)
St. Jude

photos165.jpg (147903 bytes)

olw_017.jpg (71960 bytes)
ceiling of the Nave

photos166.jpg (140780 bytes)

photos130.jpg (25525 bytes)

photos129.jpg (411547 bytes)
John the Baptist

photos131.jpg (42067 bytes)
Close up of Jesus being baptised

photos120.jpg (133176 bytes)

photos118.jpg (118484 bytes)

photos119.jpg (124394 bytes)

photos106.jpg (82224 bytes)

photos97.jpg (187897 bytes)
Jesus with the Little Children

wpe1B.jpg (81409 bytes)
Martyrs Chapel

photos122.jpg (86539 bytes)

photos123.jpg (162143 bytes)

photos121.jpg (83931 bytes)

photos128.jpg (79119 bytes)
Raven Window

photos126.jpg (95379 bytes)
Our Lady of Guadalupe

photos127.jpg (77282 bytes)
St. Clare

photos135.jpg (84767 bytes)

photos134.jpg (109343 bytes)

photos139.jpg (226951 bytes)
Nave rear view towards confessional

photos156.jpg (273624 bytes)

photos157.jpg (263675 bytes)

photos85.jpg (37577 bytes)

photos61.jpg (22299 bytes)

photos86.jpg (31815 bytes)

photos142.jpg (199010 bytes)

photos149.jpg (822027 bytes)
The Outdoor Shrine to Our Lady of Walsingham

photos143.jpg (238679 bytes)

photos90.jpg (144510 bytes)
Artist Bill Graffis
working on the Altar
May 2005

photos91.jpg (125970 bytes)
Jesus with the Little Children

photos92.jpg (76638 bytes)
Installation of the window of the Visitation, May 2005

photos88.jpg (52930 bytes)
Apparition of Our Lady of Richedis
in Walsingham in 1061 

photos89.jpg (45147 bytes)
St. John the Baptist

photos87.jpg (63327 bytes)
The Annunciation

photos70.jpg (28798 bytes)

photos68.jpg (33668 bytes)
The Rood Beam

photos69.jpg (42463 bytes)

photos140.jpg (258399 bytes)
|St. Joseph

photos137.jpg (332667 bytes)
The Holy House Chapel
(Before installation of Niche for Our Lady of Walsingham

photos141.jpg (286379 bytes)

photos164.jpg (35176 bytes)

photos163.jpg (34266 bytes)
tabernacle in Holy House Chapel

photos172.jpg (169053 bytes)

photos147.jpg (275667 bytes)

photos146.jpg (302419 bytes)
Beams of the Holy House Chapel

photos148.jpg (260642 bytes)

photos77.jpg (29229 bytes)
The Nave

photos76.jpg (22078 bytes)
The Pulpit

photos75.jpg (28863 bytes)

photos72.jpg (35996 bytes)

photos71.jpg (33142 bytes)
The Organ installed by 
Redman of Ft. Worth

photos73.jpg (33081 bytes)

photos173.jpg (296929 bytes)

OLW_5-15-06_075.jpg (941636 bytes)

photos174.jpg (330081 bytes)

OLW_5-15-06_076.jpg (952859 bytes)

photos176.jpg (359713 bytes)

photos175.jpg (306983 bytes)

OLW.MainWindowInstall.8-12-04_017.jpg (2119484 bytes)

OLW.MainWindowInstall.8-12-04_007.jpg (2133357 bytes)

OLW.MainWindowInstall.8-12-04_023.jpg (2165882 bytes)
The Magi (close up of central window)

organwindow.8-21-04_066.jpg (146312 bytes)

organwindow.8-21-04_062.jpg (155201 bytes)

photos74.jpg (31522 bytes)
St. Joseph in Central Window

photos66.jpg (170612 bytes)

OLW.MainWindowInstall.8-12-04_031.jpg (1709055 bytes)

photos58.jpg (25984 bytes)
Central window over Altar 

photos78.jpg (53192 bytes)

photos79.jpg (24903 bytes)
The Reredos

photos80.jpg (47087 bytes)

photos62.jpg (37050 bytes)

photos63.jpg (31869 bytes)

Early Pictures of church

Visit from Heralds of the Gospel
at the Feast of St. Louis, August 2004.

photos57.jpg (82091 bytes)

before side windows are installed

photos84.jpg (21732 bytes)

Reredos just after Installation


photos65.jpg (112334 bytes)
Baptismal Font

Our Lady in the Holy House Chapel

photos60.jpg (19751 bytes)
Choir master Ed Franklin
during a visit of school group to OLW

Visitor from Carter Academy visit our church organ

Organ Master Ed Franklin with student from 
Carter Academy.

students from Carter Academy on field trip to OLW

wpe3.jpg (31516 bytes)
Incensing the Altar at the Dedication

photos43.jpg (114139 bytes)
View of the Chancel

wpeB.jpg (76929 bytes)
Reredos before stained glass

wpe3.jpg (34040 bytes)
Western facade

wpe1.jpg (23905 bytes)
Consecrating the Altar 

photos44.jpg (181373 bytes)
Eastern  facade

photos152.jpg (391027 bytes)

photos150.jpg (397253 bytes)

photos151.jpg (764651 bytes)

wpe13.jpg (122437 bytes)
The Holy House Chapel
before niche or statues

photos24.jpg (168376 bytes)
The Holy House

wpe4.jpg (157511 bytes)
The Holy House Altar

wpe8.jpg (207041 bytes)
Front View of church

photos45.jpg (108347 bytes)
Rose window over Martyr Chapel Before Stain Glass

photos46.jpg (200302 bytes)
Back of church

photos48.jpg (157411 bytes)
View towards back of church

photos49.jpg (167233 bytes)
Altar Nov 2004

photos50.jpg (161958 bytes)

Owners of the Bell Foundry 
Cornille Havard
visit after Bell installation

photos82.jpg (22991 bytes)

photos81.jpg (18102 bytes)

photos83.jpg (29298 bytes)

The Blessing of the Cornerstone

The Nave
Before installation of Stained Glass

wpe7.jpg (58820 bytes)
The Nave

photos9.jpg (268066 bytes)
Outdoor Shrine by Night

photos19.jpg (316909 bytes)
One of first Choir Rehearsals
in the church before Organ is installed

DSC01874.JPG (2044796 bytes)

cornerstone_blessing.jpg (31365 bytes)
Cornerstone Blessing 

Vic_at_cornerstone_blessing.JPG (163117 bytes)
Seminarian Vic Pacheco
at the Blessing of the Corner Stone

photos47.jpg (25013 bytes)
Altar Guild putting on Frontal 
During the Dedication


Blessing of the Casting of the Bells
in Normandy, France

wpe9.jpg (217095 bytes)

Construction of the New Church

April 2003

ed.jpg (19751 bytes)
Ed Franklin, choirmaster

Preparing to raise the bells

photos54.jpg (137369 bytes)
Bell Installation
Paul Bergamo of Cornille Havard with TNT Crane 

photos52.jpg (123615 bytes)
Bell Installation  August 2003

photos56.jpg (81608 bytes)
Bell installation

photos53.jpg (129122 bytes)
Bell Installation

wpe4.jpg (43515 bytes)
One of the new bells cast in France

wpe5.jpg (184575 bytes)
view of the western facade 

2-14-03_1.jpg (154065 bytes)
Interior of the church
view from the Choir Loft

wpe3.jpg (196652 bytes)

wpe7.jpg (103156 bytes)

wpe11.jpg (102365 bytes)

wpeD.jpg (124037 bytes)

end of January 2003

wpeB.jpg (151932 bytes)
Bell Tower

2-14-03_1.jpg (154065 bytes)

wpe3.jpg (101158 bytes)
Palm Sunday 2003

wpe7.jpg (76808 bytes)

wpe4.jpg (85839 bytes)

Mass in the Previous Church

wpe1.jpg (173452 bytes)
Feb 2, 2002
at the Church Ground Breaking

wpe7.jpg (206882 bytes)

New Construction

wpe1.jpg (210891 bytes)

wpe3.jpg (198609 bytes)

wpe5.jpg (171459 bytes)

Ground Breaking for the 
New Church

 Ground Breaking with Bishop Rizzotto

Ground Breaking
for the New Church

shrine.jpg (116305 bytes)

Image12.jpg (80883 bytes)

 Front View
 of the Church

Sanctuary Pentecost Sunday
in previous church

Dedication of our new Statue
for the Shrine

wpe1.jpg (50188 bytes)

Untitled-10.jpg (79763 bytes)

wpe3.jpg (39276 bytes)

The Outdoor Shrine

Former Sanctuary

The Outdoor Shrine

Untitled-5.jpg (39320 bytes)

wpeD.jpg (39041 bytes)

Groundbreaking for the Shrine
with Bishop Guillory

Eucharistic Procession

Celebrating Mass at the Shrine

wpeB.jpg (20683 bytes)

Image5.jpg (25134 bytes)

Untitled-2.jpg (21623 bytes)

Mass for the Anglican Use Conference

Proclaiming the Gospel in the Former Church

Ecclesia docens

Maypole Dance 
for the May Crowning

photos59.jpg (18381 bytes)

The parish's original statue of Our Lady of Walsingham (which was the parish's "Pilgrim" Our Lady of Walsingham statue, traveling with the parish wherever it went) now adorns the pulpit.

Untitled-1.jpg (45425 bytes)
St Joseph Altar

Our Lady of Walsingham
Pray for us

Pope Jean Paul II

Benedict XVI's general prayer intention for July is that Christians be sensitive to the needs of others without losing their identity in a relativistic world.

Pope Benedict XVI


photos155.jpg (10018 bytes)
Archbishop Daniel DiNardo