A Blow for Justice – Catholics Pay Settlement

Blow for Justice.

A judge in California dealt a major blow against the Catholic Church in accepting a $660 million settlement between the Roman Archdiocese of Los Angeles and the countless victims of clergy sex abuse.

Although the largest payout by any diocese, I don’t think it’s enough. How does one place a price on something as devastating as caused by such a trusted community leader as a priest? And since then has been covered up throughout decades and centuries of Catholic leadership.

The scandal was brought to light in Boston in 2002, when a series of accusations were leveled against Roman Catholic priests. The sordid incidents involved diocesan priests molesting male and female members of the Catholic Church, most of them children. Charges sprung up from seminaries, schools, churches and orphanages, where children were trusting the members of the clergy.

Most of the charges were pedophilia. Yet the Catholic Church seems above the law with the majority of the allegations being covered up, seeing very few priests have never been to jail. Is the Catholic belief that pedophilia is acceptable? Why are so few of these pedophile priests incarcerated?

Cardinal Roger Mahony”s archdiocese numbers 4.3 million Catholics. How many children’s lives have been destroyed? But he did issue an apology Sunday after the settlement was announced so I guess that makes it all better. This man has been guilty of the biggest cover up in history, yet still no jail time.

Seeing the Cardinal, you would think he was the victim. “It has changed us all” he stated. “These cases have reformed the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. We will never be the same”

The spotlight shining in all the dark corners of every Catholic Church threatens to expose priests for what they are. People will no doubt begin to talk. This is far from any isolated incident, it is widespread and the Vatican knows it.

Catholics Pay Settlement.

Yet the Friday before the settlement offer was made, not two days prior, The Catholic News Agency said that the sexual abuse crisis is over. It amazes me just how out of touch with reality these people are. This is evident by the church members who held fundraisers for the priest defense fund.

Recently, the Catholic bishops adopted a plan to bar sexually abusive priests from direct contact with parishioners. Again, no mention of jail time. Looking at the evidence present, one would believe the Catholics accept pedophilia.

If you have ever experienced abuse by the hands of the clergy, stand tall and speak up. File police reports and take any legal action necessary to help stamp out the plague that is consuming the world.

The Los Angeles diocese couldn’t hide their guilt any longer and I predict there will be many to follow. It has been recently reported that San Diego has the highest number of unresolved sex abuse cases. Could they be next? Will they now settle the 150 plus unresolved cases?

What about other diocese? What about the rest of America? What about those yet unheard voices? What about the lives they destroyed?

What about that?