The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Gifts of the holy spirit.

What do people think about when they hear the word Holy Spirit.

Of course, the first connection would be noting it to be recognized as having to do with the Bible and Godly ideals.

If a person were to walk into a church and hear speaking in tongues, or see things they have never experienced before in their lives they may become apprehensive or maybe even put a label on such events as being crazy.

“Okay, this place is not normal, I’m out of here!” May be their response.

This is of course a very understandable reaction, because people are afraid of the unknown.

This article is an informative article and I am not here to argue as to whether or not the Holy Spirit is real or not.

I believe the reality of it is up to each individual and their own choice.

I know for me, what the Holy Spirit is and the gifts thereof that I believe God has given so graciously to me.

Because we are all unique individuals, the Holy Spirit may affect each of us differently.

The one thing that never changes is God and God’s word, (The Bible).

Mankind, however, tends to place their own interpretation of God’s word and what it is all about.

I could call some of the events that have taken place in my life a coincidence and more than likely that is what a lot of people would believe.

In order for me to demonstrate to you the experience I have had with the Holy Spirit, I first have to give you a little bit of my background history.

I grew up around parents that did not persuade me or any of my siblings about how they should believe. They never denied me to go to church and they never made it mandatory to go.

At around 7 years old, was the first time for me to go to a Baptist Church. I am not sure why it was a Baptist church, it may be because I would ride the church bus with my brothers.

Although some might say that it is a form of plagiarizing of ones soul because they were wanting young children to buy into a belief that maybe they aren’t even sure of themselves, I found it to be one of a great opportunity in my life to connect for the first time to God.

So, now I was inducted into something new in my life, something that would always perk my ears up in the future years of my life.

I never recall as a young child ever having any in depth dreams or visions of any sort and I definitely never spoke in a strange tongue.

It wasn’t till many years later in my life that I had a desire to seek out God and was drawn closer to Him.

It was because of this desire in my life that I had the opportunity to get baptized in the Holy Ghost. This is where I first spoke in an unknown tongue.

I received the Baptism in the Holy Ghost in Arizona when I was around 22 years old.

The evidence that I had received the Holy Ghost was when I spoke in another tongue unknown to me. Accounts such as this are listed in the Book of Acts in the Bible.

Since that gifting, I have also received the gift of discernment and the gift of Prophecy.

These gifts have aided me in my walk with Christ, especially the gift of discernment. I believe this is a very necessary gift for any born again Christian because it helps for a person to use the other gifts reverently and wisely.

Just realize this, people will always have free choice and will still be able to abuse the gifts given to them if they so choose to do so.

It has been pretty amazing to see God show up in my life on so many occasions.

Before I moved to Arizona in my twenties, my first husband went with his business partner to set up the new business and to find a house to move into.

We moved to a little town between Tuscon and Phoenix Arizona called Casa Grande.

I knew that my real mother had previously lived in or around Flagstaff Arizona, so when I got settled in my new home, I tried to locate her.

Much to my amazement, She worked and lived in Casa Grande!!!

Coincidence or not, you tell me, how does one travel some 1,000 miles from Michigan and end up in the same town as their real mother?

Another event occurred when I relocated from Michigan down in Georgia.

I was making my bed one day and I heard in my spirit, to go back to Church. I said, “Okay God, I will go, but please let me know where, for there is a church on just about every corner here.”

About two weeks later, I met a mother and a child at a nail salon at a mall.

During our conversation, she had inquired of me if I had a church home. (I had never told her one word about my prior discussion with the Holy Spirit).

I answered her question with a no and then let her know I was searching for one now though.

She then spoke of a church and gave me directions to get there.

It wasn’t till about a couple weeks later that I decided to go to this church.


Upon the first time going to the church, I was called out by the Pastor and he spoke words about me and what he said amazed me, because I had not told him anything about myself.

What he had spoke to me did come to pass.

Another interesting coincidence that happened during my stay at that church was a person I had met. At first, I did not understand why I had met this person, because I thought it would be strange to have a friend of the opposite sex in my life because I already had a mate.

This new friend played a very important role in my life because through this person, my mate was invited by him to come to the church we were both going to at that time. There was another thing that also amazed me on this occasion. I discovered that this new friend had two daughters. One of his daughters had the same first name as one of my daughters who also had the same birthday, but a different year.

Are these just coincidences or is God showing off???

Now that I have the gift of Prophecy, I too can help and encourage other people along my journey.

Through all this, I have learned a lot and I remember the times I have felt a little scared or apprehensive about some of the things I didn’t understand.

All I can tell anyone, is keep your heart open but guarded, because there is a lot of false stuff going on.

If I did not have the personal relationship that I do with God, I could have also been deceived.

Oh yeah, I must not forget our coming back to Flint, Michigan.

When the Holy Spirit told me to move back to Michigan, I was a bit apprehensive. We didn’t have a whole lot of money and we weren’t even sure where at in Michigan God wanted us to go. This was truly an enlightening faith walk.

Interestingly enough, a long awaited small settlement came at just that time which aided us to come back to Michigan and start all over again.

As a result, my brother-in-law and his wife are now born again Christians. Due to the fact, when we stayed with them when we first got back to Michigan, we were instrumental in leading them to Christ through just living it in front of them.

I could go on and on about all these incidents that continually happen in my life.

If I had been afraid of them, I may not have had such an abundance of wonderful things happen to me.

If Mary had been afraid of the Angel that appeared to her, we may still be waiting for our Savior to be born.

Now it’s your turn, reflect and think what has happened so incredible in your life?