Two Retired North Carolina Educators Launch New Internet-based Business

Launch New Internet-based Business.

“Who you calling old?!” Should be the mantra for these two dynamic women who’s life experiences trump youth any day! Mary Anna Neal Bradley, age 69 and Leila Davis, age 65 have retired their careers as accomplished former educators in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school system and are now setting their sights on a new adventure – a web-based business venture, that is! Imagine that – two 60-plus women whose peers still seek out connections through handwritten notes – signed, sealed and delivered, however, these two savvy business women know the wave of the future is on the world wide web.

Think about it, we’re living in a depressed economy that’s searching for its own “happy pill” and Mary Anna and Leila, who are at or beyond the age of 65 which gives them their glorious rights as senior citizens, are actually embarking on a new entrepreneurial business venture. Consider, this is coming at a time where many are looking for jobs – part-time jobs, supplemental jobs and some even returning to the traditional workforce to help support their families. Well, say-it-isn’t-so for these two savvy, enthusiastic, retired educators who’ve decided to go at it again – innovatively, at that! Not to mention, they are actually older than the Boomer Generation – classified as an often overlooked generation called The Lucky Generation.

According to research, the Lucky Generation can be described as the generation sandwiched between America’s Greatest Generation and the Baby Boomers born between 1929 and 1945 (40 million at its peak) and got “pushed along” in the shadow of Baby Boomers at 78 million, almost double in size, is said to have had the easiest move into adulthood and enjoyed swift advancement in the workplace.

Mary Anna Neal Bradley, new author of inspirational title, “A Legacy of Inspiration” (December 2007) and Leila Davis, a local community and religious leader are representative of a new trend of business owners one would not expect in this time in history or economic climate. “Well maybe luck does have something to do with this.” laughs Davis, who actively serves as minister at a local church. “Mary Anna and I are just doing what we love to do, make others see the good in themselves.”

Both retired for almost a decade and enjoying the fruits of their hard work, have certainly re-entered the nontraditional workforce on their own terms. Their newest venture, InSight Creations, was unofficially founded in 1998 with the writings of their unique acrostic profiles when co-workers gave a farewell celebration for another colleague who was relocating to another city. These two creative women created a personalized acrostic mini-profile formulated by using the letters of the colleague’s first name to make a formal invitation for the event.

Because this beautifully crafted personal presentation was such a hit, this led to a demand for creating several profiles for friends and family during special occasions.

It was out of this astounding reception for their services – over 300 personalized profiles later, that InSight Creations was formally established by the same two co-workers now retired.

When asked what inspired this bold move the two look almost puzzled by the question. Mary Anna shares, “I wouldn’t say we’re being bold – we’re just using our God-given gifts and talents to inspire people and hopefully make them feel good.”

The new web site launched in May and the pair is working away preparing acrostic profiles for recent graduates and Father’s Day memorabilia. To learn more and to own your own personalized acrostic, visit .

About Mary Anna Neal Bradley

Mary Ann Neal Bradley.Mary Anna Neal Bradley,author of inspirational title, “A Legacy of Inspiration” is also a retired educator, historian, wife and grandmother. Her debut title, is a great book of encouragement that has been touted as a story that is “…a vital part of the New South story…” according to Charlotte’s own Levine Museum of the New South’s management.

In her book, Mrs. Bradley shares her wisdom for living passed on through generations before her – taking you on a journey of life’s rich emotions and experiences. With chapter titles such as: When you’re disappointed, consider your disappointments as blessings in disguise, and When you feel wrongly done – think: When God is for you who can be against you? Mrs. Bradley’s insights arm you with hope and courage to continue no matter the trial. As one fan says, “I recommend this book for every man, woman, girl and boy – it’s like a guide for life.”

Mrs. Bradley is currently working on two other titles with plans to have them released by the end of the year. About Leila Davis

Leila Davis, a professional speaker and pastor is a native of Kings Mountain, North Carolina. Now a retired educator and counselor with over 30 years of professional experience, Davis received her Master’s in Education at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and her Ph.D in Christian Education.

She currently serves as Pastor of St. Paul FBH Church in Lawndale, North Carolina and serves as District President of the Western North Carolina District for 13 churches coordinating missionary activities.